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Food and Timber risk newsletters (November 2018)

We've released our new newsletters for November! To view them, please click the links below.

FoodRisk Newsletter November 2018

Agroisolab risk newsletter list detailing olive oil fraud, wine fraud and other food mislabelling

  • Italian wine seizures show continuing risk of fraud - Italian wine continues to be a possible source of fraud following seizures by officials in Italy.

  • Million-dollar fraud shows profitability of organic mislabelling - Organic food from the US could be the result of profitable fraud, following the guilty pleas of three farmers in Iowa.

  • English wine increase could see parallel increase in fraud - A boom in the number of English vineyards, and the increasing quality of the wine produced, may lead to instances of fraud in the sector.

  • African swine fever sweeps through China - Although continuing to spread in Europe, African swine fever has also been detected in China.

  • Meat substitutions discovered in takeaways - Meat in UK takeaways is under scrutiny as several investigations have seen instances of meat substitutions.

  • High street food chains ingredient lists scrutinised - Food chains are coming under fire for issues regarding ingredient labelling issues.

  • Half of olive oil samples tested in France found to be mislabelled - Olive oil continues to be at high risk from fraud, following a report into olive oils in France.

If you'd like to keep up to date on the latest risks in the food industry, and how Agroisolab can help, why not sign up to our free monthly Food Risk newsletter here?


TimberRisk Newsletter November 2018

  • Amazon deforestation levels 'worst' for a decade - Deforestation in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil is reported to be the worst in 10 years, according to official data.

  • China put under pressure by activists to stop illegal imports - Papua New Guinea's forests are being stripped away by illegal deforestation and the harvested timber imported into China, activists say.

  • Report: Solomon Islands’ forests will be depleted by within twenty years - The Solomon Islands are losing forests at nearly 20 times a sustainable rate, with most of the timber exported to China.

  • EU-Vietnam timber deal could facilitate illegal Cambodian logging - The EU’s acceptance of Vietnamese tropical timber on its market could be encouraging illegal logging in Cambodia.

  • Victorian government blames illegal logging on 'fuzzy map' - The Victorian government in Australia could be carrying out all its logging illegally due to basing logging regions off a 'fuzzy map,' with much of the timber going towards paper, building supplies and wood chips.

To keep up-to-date on the risks facing forests and timber industries, please sign up to our free quarterly TimberRisk newsletter here!


If any of these issues have affected you, or you think that they may affect your company, please contact Agroisolab here to discuss risk management, supply chain traceability, and food origin testing / timber origin testing using stable isotopes. Agroisolab also offers other types of testing for different products, including organic tests, dilution tests, and ingredients testing.

tomatoes in a basket for food origin testing

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