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Agroisolab’s presentation at NEPCon Sourcing Legal Timber 2.0

On the 15th of March, Agroisolab made the trip down to Woking from York to attend the NEPCon Sourcing Illegal Timber 2.0 conference at the WWF UK Living Planet Centre.

The all-day event was attended by various companies and enforcement agencies discussing due diligence in the timber trade, tools used in the present and future, and their own company’s compliance with timber regulations. To view the full recorded livestream, please click below.

Within our own presentation (skip to 5:08:40 on the livestream), our Operations Manager, Charlie Watkinson, gave a brief introduction to stable isotopes and discussed how technologies can be combined to solidify a company’s due diligence process.

When should you use stable isotopes for timber origin testing? Click below to see Agroisolab's answer:

Agroisolab would like to extend a big Thank You to NEPCon for organising the conference, and also to all the attendees and presenters.

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