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Agroisolab DE discovers Dutch free-range quail eggs originate from French battery hens

In December, Dutch animal welfare organisation Wakker Dier purchased packs of quail eggs from an egg wholesaler, Eicom, through a supermarket chain. The packaging claimed that the eggs originated from the Netherlands and were from free-range quail.

However, isotope origin tests by Agroisolab DE determined that none of the eggs originated from the Netherlands, and that they were in fact battery eggs from Brittany in France. An investigation by Dutch consumer investigation TV programme, Keuringsdienst van Waarde, found that Eicom had been supplied quail eggs several times by French producer Cailles de Chanteloup.

Although the EU banned battery cages from 2012, the law only applies to chickens, not quail. Since quail eggs are small, they are not stamped with any identifying marks, unlike chicken eggs, which leaves them open for possible fraud.

Agroisolab is happy to answer any questions regarding testing origin/organic eggs. Please visit our egg page for more information.

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